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Finding a Printing Partner For Direct Mail Graphic Design

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on May 6, 2019 4:09:49 PM

Marketing is the key to running a successful business. Effective marketing tactics will attract new clientele and drive sales. Print materials are still one of the best ways to build a strong marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing done right yields an average return on investment (ROI) of 29 percent. From ad kits and tradeshow materials to direct mail, paper products are often the first impression clients receive from a company.

As a graphic designer, you understand the value of print marketing. You recognize how beautiful, high-quality materials can drive a company’s conversions and sales. Helping your clients achieve a positive ROI, however, takes producing stunning end products. Don’t hire just anyone to print your designs. A great printer can help you execute projects from beginning to end, creating high-quality items that will improve your reputation as a designer. Learn all the ways a reliable printer can ultimately make your life easier.


What Can a Trusted Printing Partner Do for Your Business? 

Hiring a printing partner gives you much more than just a commercial-grade printer. True partnership means access to a team of experts who will help you execute your clients’ dream marketing strategies from start to finish. Your printer can help you develop an aesthetic that fits your clients’ products and services, as well as deliver beautifully printed products to your clientele. A reliable printing partner can provide numerous services for your clients, including:

  • Distributed print marketing portals. As your business grows, so too will your need for print marketing materials. A network of projects can grow too complex to manage alone. A printing partner can offer customizable portals to help you streamline your ordering process, develop the best brand identity for your company, and increase customization options for marketing strategies. 
  • Integrated marketing automation. Print materials must match your clients’ goals, brand aesthetics, marketing campaign, and sales strategy. A reliable printer will have access to tools to guide you through each phase of the marketing strategy, such as resources for easy marketing automation.
  • Creative services. If you are a beginner in graphic design and feeling overwhelmed, a printer can help. A printing partner can help you develop a brand identity, maintain image consistency, and produce materials that will wow your clients. Your printer can walk you through the first steps, such as guiding you through the best graphic design software choices for beginners.
  • Commercial and digital printing. One of the main services a reliable printer will provide for you is commercial and digital printing. Your printer should be able to print newsletters, brochures, magazines, sales sheets, and other materials for your clients’ commercial needs. Your printer should also take care of printing high-quality marketing collateral and materials, such as direct mail campaigns, postcards, and training manuals.
  • Large format printing. Sometimes, you need printed material that is much larger than your typical sales sheet. Your client may need an eye-catching large format display, such as a custom banner or storefront graphic, to sell a product or service. Your printing partner should be able to print these materials on your behalf.
  • Tradeshow displays and banner stands. When you go to a tradeshow or you need to promote your company at a convention, your trusted printer should be able to help. Your printing partner should have the ability to print high-quality graphics and materials for you or your clients’ tradeshow displays, from banners to tabletop materials.
  • Direct mail, kitting, and fulfillment. Targeted mailing is one of the best ways to obtain new customers and raise awareness about your brand. Your trusted printing partner should be able to handle your direct mail campaigns on your behalf so you can enjoy a hassle-free lead generation experience. An experienced printer can also give you tips for more effective direct mail.
  • Diecutting, finishing, and bindery. When you need higher quality printed materials beyond just a printed sheet, your printing partner should help. They should be able to cut your materials into any shape you desire, bind materials to create beautiful booklets or brochures, and seamlessly fold your sheets into accessible and attractive materials.

Contrary to popular belief, a printing company should do more for you than just print out marketing materials. A good printing partner should have experts who are ready to collaborate with you to design the best materials necessary for your clients’ products and companies. Before you hire a reliable printing partner, make sure they have a Creative Services team that is ready to assist during every phase of the graphic design process.


Top Qualities of a Reliable Printing Partner

Not all printing partners are created equal. If this is your first venture into finding a printer, it is important to know what to look for. Your printer should offer the best services for your investment. Look for a printer that offers the full, comprehensive printing services you need for a successful graphic design business. Your reliable printing partner should have the following qualities to increase your business’s ROI:

  • Affordable services. If you have to pay exorbitant prices for the materials you need simply to fulfill client orders, you’ll be lucky to break even on your investment. There are plenty of printing partners who can provide more services for you at lower prices. A great printing company will offer affordable rates that do not sacrifice quality or range of services. 
  • Great reviews and references. If you want to know if a printing partner is right for you, check their online reviews and speak to your network. If a company has a solid history of pleasing other clients, with testimonials to back it up, you’ll likely have a great experience with them, too.
  • A gorgeous portfolio. Any good printing partner will have examples of their work on their company website or available during consultations. In addition, the printer should have a seamless and attractive website to match their printing portfolio. If you like what you see when it comes to their work, odds are you will be happy with their services.
  • A wide range of services. Find a one-stop-shop at your printing company. Your printer should have the resources and experience to assist you with all of your design and print marketing needs. You don’t want to go to one company for one service and another for something else. Choosing a printer with a wide range of services will help you develop cohesive marketing campaigns and a seamless brand identity.

Unprofessional copy and marketing materials can turn clients off from your services. By partnering with a trusted printer to develop your marketing materials, you can boost your reputation and continuously provide top-quality end products. Increasing your consistency and developing a cohesive brand identity are vital for maintaining a loyal customer base. You can also minimize the need to add more people to your payroll – maximizing ROI.


How a Good Printer Can Help You Execute Printed Marketing Materials

A reliable printing partner will have project management services to help execute a project from the get-go, as well as a graphic design team if you need assistance. Whether you need creative help with conception or you need to know the difference between RGB and CMYK, your printer should be able to assist you. Your printer can also help you write and edit copy that fits your clients’ brand image and persuades potential clients to convert. After completing the beginning stages, your printer can then help you create beautiful end products.

One of the most important parts of your printing process is the actual delivery of your products. Your print marketing materials should use high-quality paper and ink. Your printer should use modern printing best practices to ensure zero-defect prints. You should be able to request any number of printed products to full your clients’ marketing needs. From brochures to banners and manuals, you should be able order multiple types of products for your company from a top print provider. 

Another way a reliable printing company can help you execute printed marketing materials is with gorgeous finishing and binding for a professional wow factor. Your printing company should consult you about the various shapes you want to cut your materials into, in case you want to add unique value to your materials. In addition, you can even bind and fold your materials into professional-looking booklets to add credibility to tradeshow materials and more. All printed products should have a nice finish to them, showing your clients that you went to great lengths to create these materials for their use – all at an affordable rate.

Don’t work with a variety of printers for your printing services. This can lead to inconsistent quality levels and steeper costs. Instead, find one trusted vendor that can effectively manage your brand’s integrity. Find a provider that helps you organize your materials across various project types, come up with new ideas to impress clients, and customize marketing materials to unique specifications. Your printer should help you keep track of everything you need to fulfill a client’s demands for a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Great Printers Drive Leads and Sales for Your Business

When you hire a printing company, you need more than someone who sends your materials to a commercial-grade printer and delivers the products you need. Any printer can accomplish this task. Instead, you need a printing partner – someone who cares about your business and wants to help you succeed. A truly great printing provider should help your materials drive leads and cinch sales for future business.

A reliable printing partner can streamline your print ordering process by giving you access to an automation platform. Print automation can save you time, track the success of your marketing products, and help your clients. Your printing partner can help you identify your clients’ pain points and understand the best marketing materials to seal conversions. You can automate your clients’ marketing strategies, develop workflows, and identify lead generation possibilities – all with assistance from your printing company.

In addition, your printing partner can help you with one of the most time consuming yet effective print marketing strategies available: direct mail. Direct mail can take a lot of time, but it can be well worth the investment. Tackle several major direct mail projects at once by delegating duties over to your printing partner. Your printer can handle tedious tasks such as product printing, folding, stamping, and sending out mailers on your client’s behalf – enabling them to generate leads without lifting a finger.


How Do Trusted Printing Partners Help Graphic Designers?

The obvious answer to this question is by bringing the designers’ visions to life with ink and paper. Yet a true printing partnership does much more than this for graphic designers. The right printer provides full-service consultation throughout the entire design process. You might excel at producing creative designs and gorgeous content for a marketing strategy, but your printer can help with the technical details – such as how to prepare an InDesign file for print. Using an exceptional printing company can help you achieve the following goals as a graphic designer:

  • Streamlining a brand identity that fits into your own marketing strategy and company image.
  • Creating designs that fit perfectly onto print marketing materials using special industry tools and techniques.
  • Gaining deeper insight into your clients’ companies, products, and marketing needs to benefit advertising campaigns.
  • Receiving experienced, professional guidance on printing techniques, services, and mechanics.
  • Effortlessly managing projects while your printer writes and edits material copy to avoid any unprofessional mistakes. 
  • Streamlining your printing and design processes to make the creation of marketing materials much easier for you.
  • Delivering a client’s printed materials at a much faster rate and lower price than your competitors.

Do not underestimate the power of a great printer as a graphic designer. Working with a printer that offers a wide array of services can assist you with every step of the marketing process, from creative brainstorming to streamlining brand identity. Impressing your clients with high-quality print materials can be easy with help from the right printer. Look for integrated marketing automated, the ability to develop sales workflows, and an easy-to-use ordering platform for the best ROI.


Choose Boingo Graphics for Your Printing Needs

Ready to boost your graphic design business? Choose Boingo Graphics for assistance and expertise in all areas of print marketing. We handle all types of printing needs, as well as working closely with graphic designers to build cohesive marketing materials for their clients. Contact us today to learn more about our printing services, graphic design assistance, and how we can increase conversion rates for both you and your clients.

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