At Boingo Graphics, sustainability is part of our job. We are proud of the steps we take every day to reduce our environmental impact. We recycle tons of paper on a daily basis, we also take care that only water soluble and biodegradable solvents are used. We owe it to our customers and our community to produce work in a way that does not harm the environment. We are happy that we are able to purchase carbon offsets for the electric power we use. Partnering with Renewable Choice Energy, we invest in wind power as a carbon-alternative energy source. Since 2010, Boingo Graphics has been an EPA Green Power Partner, highlighting our commitment to the support of better ways to produce power in the future.

Our Initiatives

Plyler Paper Partner for full scale recycling program, including paper and corrugated material.

EPA Green Power Partner since 2010.

Partner with Renewable Choice Energy, investing in wind power as a carbon alternative energy source.

Nominated in 2015 for Mecklenburg County's Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Business Recognition Award.

Nominated for Sustain Charlotte's 2016 Waste Reduction Award.