When it comes to branding, you must stay consistent on all fronts of your business. It gives you added visibility and provides opportunities for people to remember you. Custom-branded apparel is one of the best ways to do that. You can provide high-quality clothing and accessories that are exclusive to the people working in the company.

It adds a layer of exclusivity and luxury that’s only possible with your company. You can use it for giveaways or even set up a company store for employees. Do not underestimate company merchandise stores, as they can become an asset to market and profit. Boingo Graphics is your partner for the designs and products you want.

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What Is a Company Store?

A company store is a part of your business dedicated solely to selling customized merchandise with your logo and branding. An employee merchandise store can have numerous things, from:

You can set it up in two ways. A company apparel store may sell promotional products for employees, offering them exclusively to them. You may even opt for a larger store that sells to the public if you have enough demand for it.

Either way, data shows that employees enjoy company swag. Accessing merchandise helps them form a deeper connection to their workplace. They’ll also appreciate it if you give them these items as a gift for their service or loyalty.

How Does It Work?

As your graphic designer, we’ll handle all aspects of product design. You’ll get concepts and can discuss your preferences for the products you want to construct. We’ll give you several options, and you can narrow it down to a few. With the design in hand, we then deliver them to a manufacturer who’ll then produce these products for your store.

Professional graphic design gives you a lot more flexibility, and we’ll be able to deliver the products you want faster. We implement the latest design trends and ensure that your branding is aesthetically pleasing. Contact Boingo Graphics today and begin your path toward custom merchandise.

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The Benefits of a Company Store

A company store can benefit all types of businesses. They can even work for organizations, facilities, schools, and more. Creating your own merchandise gives you more control over the quality and output. Here are some other benefits of starting a company store:

  • A channel for consistency: Having more products with consistent branding reduces mixed messages.
  • An avenue for promotion: Influencers and employees promote your company by having company merch.
  • Connect with your employees: Employees enjoy having the chance to get company merch. It makes them feel like a part of the company.

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Your customized brand merchandise begins at the design level. We’ve helped hundreds of brands retain high-quality products through our designs. Contact us today and start your path toward creating a company store.