Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Boingo Graphics, Printing, Creative Services and Large Format Graphics

Below are some of our most asked questions. To make it easier, we decided to answer them for you!

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FAQ Outlined by Service Offering

Boingo Graphics

What does it mean to be a Really Cool Printing Company?

The meaning behind our company color says it all. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, happiness, fun and fascination. More importantly Orange is about passion and energy. And we are certainly passionate about what we do!


What is the Boingo Way of doing business?

The Boingo Way of doing business comes down to four statements:

  • We will be on time. 
  • We will do what we say we will do. 
  • We will complete what we start. 
  • We will say please and thank you. 

Sometimes it's the simple things that make a difference.

What is the Boingo Cares Program?
Our goal is to provide a platform for charitable organizations to receive the benefits of technology-enabled printing and to share the knowledge we have gained from working with over 100 nonprofits to efficiently communicate with their intended audience. By empowering members with today’s print buying technology, they will become more effective in their mission to help the community. To learn more please click here.
Do you guarantee your work to be on time and accurate?
Boingo Graphics delivers over 99% of all projects on time and accurately! We have stringent processes and procedures in place to track, measure and report on every project as it passes through our facility. Contact one of our Account Managers to learn more.
How do we get started working with Boingo?
Simply call us at 704-529-5044, email at or send a note through our website. We will assign a dedicated Account Manager to help you through the process.
What's the best way to learn more about Boingo Graphics?
Come for a tour! We enjoy showing off Boingo Graphics to new friends. Don't forget to sign our Graffiti Wall before you leave!
Who do I contact when I have an issue with an order?

Your dedicated Account Manager will be your first point of contact. Click here to check out how Boingo Graphics supports you every step of the way.

If for some reason your Account Manager is unavailable please contact us at 704-529-5044 or email

Can I come visit while my work is running?
We love to have visitors! Let your Account Manager know you would like to be present and they will notify you when your project will be on press.
What is the minimum quantity I can have printed?
For all digital and wide format projects the minimum quantity is one! Some projects are a little more complicated, so the minimum order may be a bit more. Your Account Manager will help you determine what is economically viable.
How many shifts do you work?
Boingo Graphics is a multi-shift operating facility with standard operating hours starting at 6:00 a.m. and running until 11:00 p.m.
Do you deliver?
Boingo Graphics will deliver your project via our courier, FedEx or UPS. For larger projects or projects shipped outside the immediate area we may coordinate through a commercial freight service.
Will I get to see a proof?
Every project is a little different but you can be sure your Account Manager will work with you so there are no surprises. You will be confident everything is to your specifications and the printed piece will meet your expectations.
How do I send artwork files?

Most of our clients send Boingo Graphics files through our website (click here). We also work with third party platforms such as Dropbox or we will set up a secure file transfer system if your projects contain confidential data. For simple projects email your Account Manager directly.

What type of files can you work with?

Our favorites are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat, although we work with all major graphic design software packages. Click here to learn how to prepare a file for print jobs.

(We do not recommend Microsoft products to create your artwork.)

Can you print on anything besides paper?
Yes, we can! Wood, plastic and plexiglass are just a few of the substrates onto which we print. Of course, good old-fashioned paper is still our favorite!
How long will it take for you to complete my order?
Since pretty much every project we produce is custom manufactured, the answer to this question varies project to project. Our Account Managers and Project Managers will work with you closely to be sure we meet the timeframe you need to have success with your printed piece. Boingo Graphics delivers over 99% of our projects accurately and on time!
How do I request a quote?
That's easy! Simply follow this link to fill out preliminary details about your order, and one of our experienced Account Managers will contact you shortly.
What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, credit card, ACH and commercial accounts with approved credit. Pretty much anything except Bitcoin!

Bindery and Finishing

How many times can you fold a piece of paper in half?
Six times. Our best effort to fold an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper in half is six times. Let us know if you can hit seven and we'll buy you lunch.
Can you coat printed pieces?
Boingo Graphics offers aqueous coating to create that perfect finish for your printed piece and provide an added layer of protection.
Do you offer diecutting?
Yes, we do! We have in-house diecutting and will even store your custom dies for later use.

Commercial and Digital Printing

What settings should I use to create my PDF?
We have a custom set of PDF settings. Please contact us for instructions. You can also use Press Quality but be sure to turn crop marks and bleed on.
What type of proof will I see?
Boingo Grapics offers many proofing solutions and will work with you to provide the proof you need to be sure your project meets your expectations. Our goal is to make sure there are no surprises when you open the box and see your finished project for the first time.
What are the best type of files to submit for digital and offset jobs?
High-resolution PDF files or packaged native files.
What is the best resolution for digital and offset jobs?
A minimum of 270 dpi is recommended for best output results.
Are there any images that are not good for printing?
Any file type is acceptable, however, all images should always be CMYK or grayscale. RGB and Index color should not be used.
How much bleed should I give my files?
Please add 1/8" bleed to your files.
Do I build the bleed into the final finish size?
No. Create the document at the final size you want it and extend the bleed out beyond the edge.
What colorspace should my file be created in?
All colors in the file should be CMYK. Only use spot colors when printing spot PMS.
What is the maximum piece size you can print?
The maximum size we can print will depend on the type of project. 12" x 18" on our HP digital press and 18.5" x 27.5" on the Komori offset press. Wide format graphics can be printed up to 98" wide.

Displays, Signs & Banners

Can I get booth equipment and printed graphics through Boingo? (t-stands, banner stands, trade show booths)
Definitely! We offer "house" items but can also order specialty products from a variety of vendors. Learn more here.
Do you have a template for me to design my trade show graphics?
Boingo Graphics will provide you with the proper template to match your artwork with the trade show hardware you will be using.
Can you handle storage and fulfillment of my trade show graphics?
Boingo Graphics offers a complete warehouse and fulfillment center along with a web portal to help you manage your trade show inventory. Items may be shipped for your use and returned back to Boingo Graphics for continued use. All items will be inspected and repaired upon arrival at our warehouse.

Kitting, Fulfillment & Direct Mail

Do you do mailings?

Yes, we do! Boingo Graphics offers these mailing services:

  • Ensure your piece is "design compliant" with USPS
  • List acquisition
  • PURL campaign implementation
  • Run a "class/rate analysis" for rate savings options on first or standard (bulk rate) class mailings
  • Conduct a "mail list analysis" for C.A.S.S. certification
  • Provide a detailed and streamlined quote
  • Presort, bar code, package, tray or sack, and deliver to post office
  • Complete all the post office paperwork
How do you protect confidential data used in direct mail campaigns?

Quick tip: Check the keychain of your primary contact at a printing company. They should have a fob or ID card to enter their building - if they don't then their building is not secure. 

Data security is serious business, and Boingo Graphics treats it as such. We have several processes and procedures in place to protect your data as it moves through the production process. It starts with a secure file transfer process and a secure building complete with restricted access to track visitors. We screen every employee prior to hiring and all employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements. Please contact your Account Manager for a complete list of processes and procedures in place at Boingo Graphics to protect your data.

Please see your Boingo Graphics Account Manager if you need a Business Associate Agreement signed.

Can you store my printed materials for distribution at a later date?
Yes, we can! Boingo Graphics has a warehouse on site to store your items along with complete kitting and distribution services to ensure your materials are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Marketing Services Support

What do you need from me to design my work?
Any great design piece will start with a consultation with our clients to discuss the goals, objectives and purpose of the project. With your guidance, Boingo Graphics will design your marketing piece to communicate with your intended audience while staying within your current branding guidelines.
How many changes can I make to a job Boingo Graphics is designing?
Boingo Graphics will work with you to create the marketing piece that meets your needs. We recognize it may take multiple proof approvals to get where you want to be, and we will work with you diligently upfront to make the process as efficient as possible. Please be aware customer revisions may create additional charges.
Can you help me with designing my brochure?
Boingo Graphics employs agency level project managers, graphic designers and copywriters to help you create a marketing piece that will communicate your message to your intended audience.

Online Ordering

Do you offer online ordering?
A large percentage of orders produced by Boingo Graphics are placed through web portals designed specifically for each client. We would be happy to create a portal for you!

Wide & Grand Format

How do I know which material is best for my project?
A Boingo Graphics Account Manager is happy to advise on what materials work best for your applications. We also have swatch books available to see and touch materials first hand.
What file type do you prefer to print my wide format project?
A high-resolution PDF file. Native files are preferred if edits are needed.
What is the largest banner you can print?
Our largest output device prints 98" wide onto substrates up to 2 inches thick! Since we also print onto rolls of material, some of our banners are over 50 feet long!

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