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What are the benefits of on-line ordering of marketing collateral?

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Jul 25, 2022 3:19:53 PM

On-line ordering is one of the most efficient ways to streamline marketing collateral acquisitions. Phone calls and in-person meetings are great, but Boingo Graphics gets that in today’s marketplace speed and efficiency is often what is valued most, so we offer easy on-line ordering.

Advantages of On-Line Ordering

  • When spread far geographically, on-line ordering makes it easy for multiple purchasers.
  • Different departments with different goals and needs can place their own print purchases.

But the very same advantage to on-line buying can create its own complications. 

Potential Problems with On-Line Ordering

  • With multiple buyers how can brand integrity be maintained? 
  • Does multiple buyers complicate overall financial tracking, creating nightmares for budget management? 
  • Does this just lead to more people spinning their wheels while waiting for customer service to help demonstrate how the system works and resolve problems?

At Boingo Graphics not only do we provide on-line ordering, but we also provide complementary solutions so you can create the ideal custom on-line ordering package that will only solve problems, not create new ones. 

Best in Class Software Solution

Our enterprise architecture software offers an easy to navigate storefront with the widest customizability of web-to-print options available to marketers, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of national and global organizations. No software allows a wider breadth of web-to-print solutions or greater flexibility. But while that sounds like it might introduce a great deal of complexity, the software is perfectly scalable. Making use of a top API, the system includes multiple modules, customization options and licensing models. You can make it is as complex or as simple you like, but most importantly you can set it up to meet your specific needs every time, making on-line ordering straightforward and simple for every user. 

Our Team

At Boingo Graphics we offer the best in printing solutions, and this means partnering with the best team. Our dedicated Boingo Technology Implementation Group includes specialists in user interface, technology, project management, data security and implementation. We offer robust software to ensure all of our clients potential needs are met, but we also offer the team to ensure that setting it up to your exact specifications goes smoothly. We specialize in all things printing, and part of that means appreciating access to the best software. We haven't forgotten to offer software support either. That division is just as dedicated offering a world-class team to make sure that your print ordering goes smoothly.


This is what allows a company to take true advantage of on-line ordering. On-line ordering isn’t just about making things easier. It’s about reducing costs, increasing efficiency and automation, and allowing for enhanced monitoring and measuring of marketing initiatives. Effective marketing is dependent on being able to measure results. Our technology creates a centralized place to organize all content, while still allowing for orders placed by multiple individuals around the world with endless customization. 

Distributed Print Marketing Portal

More and more organizations are offering workers the opportunity to work remotely, and people want to keep working, while on a business trip, at a meeting or whether they’re at a small branch or company headquarters. Our web-based marketing portal allows your employees to access the most-up-to-date materials wherever they are, 24/7, and to do so securely.

Brand Management

One of the greatest drawbacks to multiple individuals and departments placing printing orders is the loss of brand integrity. Our award-winning marketing portal solves that problem. We don’t just allow for customization of workflow and localized print procurement. Our portal lets you create smart templates, so you can standardize those logos and corporate design that keeps the brand fully in tact, while determining which components can be customized by the user. 

Powerful Customization and Control

No on-line print solution is more scalable. We have a wide range of templates, that we can help you populate, but you can customize as much or as little as your needs require. The entire process can be automated making the process of individual orders simple and streamlined. Individual employees can place orders and access assets from wherever they are in the world, but the system also allows for complete control and concrete workflows and chain of command in printing procedures. Some of the control options we provide:

  • User Dashboard
  • Administrative Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Real-Time Marketing Collateral Previews
  • Approval Workflows
  • Role-Based Marketing Request Management
  • Localization for International Use

Has your company every introduced a new system designed to make a messy process simpler and more organized, only to find it’s only created a whole host of new problems? On-line ordering for printed marketing materials is supposed to make life simpler and be more effective for an organization. With Boingo Graphics' extensive customization, precise brand management, flexibility and scalability it will be everything your organization needs without any of the drawbacks. 

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