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Holidays in the Time of Coronavirus

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Oct 28, 2020 11:39:15 AM

The holiday season is right around the corner!

Many will still gather with family and friends, but during these unprecedented times and state regulated lockdowns, here are some alternatives to help you celebrate safely. Luckily, many of the traditional holiday celebrations can be shifted to a virtual setting or planned carefully to be safe.

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Step up Your Work From Home Game

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Oct 6, 2020 3:20:25 PM

Order Distributed Print Marketing Portals

As we continue to work from home and physically distance ourselves from others, we need to start getting creative with how we communicate. Especially when it comes to maintaining a brand and marketing materials. Online portals allow standardized marketing collateral to be securely posted and easily printed and distributed. This system provides multiple employees from your organization the chance to place orders for business cards, brochures, promotional products, apparel, posters, invitations and other printed products. Better yet, they can do it all from the comfort and safety of their own home. There are many benefits to online portals, including lowering costs, brand management, improved control and waste reduction.

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Improve Margins and Stay Competitive as a Manufacturer

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Mar 3, 2020 2:13:52 PM

The Benefits of Sales Enablement

Imagine your sales rep is meeting with a client and discussing how your product is the ideal solution when the client asks, "But what happens if...?" leaving your sales rep fumbling for an answer. In a perfect world, your sales rep would have an answer. But what would happen if they didn't? It makes your sales rep and your company seem unprofessional and underprepared. And what happens if the competition is prepared? The client switches to another provider and you have just lost their business. All because your sales rep didn't have the answer to one simple question. 

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Upcoming Trade Show Booth

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Jan 22, 2020 12:04:03 PM

Trade shows are a popular way to market your product, service or business. If done correctly, they create lasting impressions, generate leads and provide cost-effective advertising. In fact, according to this survey, "77% of executive decision makers found at least one new supplier at the last show they attended." Your company can take advantage of this marketing tool to increase leads but only if you understand what makes a trade show booth successful. Learn how to drive traffic to your next trade show booth before and during the event and how to promote your company even after everyone has gone home. 

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Six Tips to a Successful NonProfit Direct Mail Campaign

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on Oct 22, 2019 8:20:00 AM

Direct mail is a tried and true channel for marketing and companies all around the country realize the value of placing something physical into the hands of potential customers. They’ve found that mail adds a personal touch and still manages to seem less intrusive than other marketing techniques. According to one survey, 70% of Americans polled said they consider the mail they read to be more personal than what they read on the internet.

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