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4 Tips for Digitally Managing Your Marketing Materials

Posted by The Boingo Graphics Team on May 9, 2018 1:11:35 PM

As your business expands, organizing your publishable content often becomes a pain point.

Pdfs, white papers, effective marketing materials and power points are just a few of the digital resources that will get lost among the plethora of material you have online. To further your business and draw in customers, it is important to properly manage your digital marketing materials along with managing your print assets. Try these four tips to successfully manage and organize your online material.

1. Make a Clear Plan

Any successful marketing campaign needs a clear plan. This same principle applies to managing marketing materials. Simply diving into the process and storing your materials in unorganized places will negatively affect your marketing scheme. Plan what materials you are going to use, how you are going to store them, and state your end goal. The more you plan, the more successful your marketing campaign will be.


2. Organize Material in a Way That Makes Sense for Your Business

Your marketing managers will quickly lose patience if it is difficult for them to find the information they are looking for. Consider organizing your materials by type of material, buyer persona, stage in marketing funnel, and various other categories. Keeping your material organized will make everything easier for you and your marketing managers, and they’ll be more productive when they will dedicate their time to other tasks besides searching for the right file.

Marketing Materials, Brand Consistency 

3. Provide Access to All Marketing Managers

Keeping all the marketing managers in contact and aware will save your company precious time and resources. If marketing managers are not coordinated, tasks may overlap and errors may occur in communication or brand consistency. Team members may have to repeat already completed tasks because they do not have access to other managers’ information, wasting time that could be spent on other marketing tasks. For example, say you have a marketing manager in Seattle and one in New York. Both need to produce a white paper on a similar topic, but one manager finishes before the other starts. They could benefit from sharing resources!


Another scenario is a dental practice that’s just hired a new dentist. They want to promote the new member of their team and send information about him or her to the community. It’s important that this marketing material maintains the brand consistency and professionalism. Ensuring that all marketing managers to have access to past marketing collateral will help ensure brand consistency.


4. Use a Professional Service

Using a professional service that offers an online portal will be a great way to organize your marketing collateral. Instead of having your digital material spread around different locations, you will keep it all in one easily accessible location. A professional service will help you manage your print assets along with your digital assets.



Many professional services offer web-to-print online ordering, but Boingo’s primary focus is on helping you streamline the process and protect your brand’s consistency. Boingo ensures everything will stay organized and remain accessible to everyone on your team.

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