As the printer of choice for over 100 nonprofits, we understand and speak the language of the nonprofit world. Donors are a different animal than consumers. Your materials have to support your understanding that people donate for intrinsic, philanthropic reasons. We help you create collateral that is unified and cohesive, but not so extravagant that donors feel you are wasting money that could go to your cause.

In 2012, we founded the Boingo Cares Program. We currently have over 100 members actively receiving benefits that include a variety of resources like our technology platform and our stock photography library all at no cost to the members. Certainly, the single greatest benefit of the program is below market pricing for our services, no matter the size of the project or the size of the organization.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Your printed materials and campaigns need to show donors that you know the value of your cause and your cause is worthy of their attention.

Fundraising Events

We can provide materials that help your nonprofit focus on building relationships before the “ask.”

Volunteer Coordination Materials

According to HubSpot, volunteers are more than twice as likely to donate to your cause than non-volunteers. Investing in quality recruitment and training materials is crucial to attracting and retaining volunteers who will likely be some of your greatest supporters.

  • Volunteer toolkits
  • Recruitment materials
  • Training documents
  • Membership manuals
  • Registration materials
  • Name tags


Branding is particularly crucial for your nonprofit because it must encompass more than just an easily recognizable logo – it needs to appeal to donors at an emotional level. We help you develop branded materials that will help make your donors feel connected to your cause.

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