Hats and headwear never go out of style. So if you want to market your brand, event, or company, these garments are a good bet! They’re worn everywhere and in every season. Plus, they’re long-lasting.

At Boingo Graphics, we’ll fabricate customized hats and headwear for your marketing needs. From logos to monograms to images, we’ll print clear and consistent designs on whichever product you choose. Let’s be your partner for all your printing, promotion, and marketing projects, and we’ll deliver results that blow your mind.

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Turn Heads With Eye-catching Headgear

Hats are underrated in marketing. Many people fail to remember that they’re everywhere and in every form. They can be used for casual wear, are a necessity in specific industries, and can be worn whether it’s summer or winter.

The bottom line is, they make for great marketing and promotional material, passively giving you impressions every time an individual wears your branded headwear. So if you want to promote your brand, an upcoming event, or a product release, hats are a great option!

Premier Prints at the Drop of a Hat!

Boingo Graphics is your one-stop shop for all your commercial printing needs. We’re the trusted team in the Charlotte, NC metro area, working with all kinds and all sizes of companies. With us, you can have branded headgear with eye-catching designs and crisp colors — delivered within your deadline! Our catalog includes:

In addition, we can do embroidery and custom hard hats for your construction sites and industrial facilities.

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Boingo Graphics: The Promotional Product Experts

Our design and creative team are specialists in promotional products and printing. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the industry to help you create the most appealing and intriguing designs for your custom headgear.

Not only that, but we also offer complete marketing services for your branding or advertising needs. Aside from printing, you can depend on us for digital content, copywriting, project management, and so much more. We consolidate everything to decrease your headaches and increase your conversions. So whenever you need custom headgear, content strategy, and everything in between, you know who to call!

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Ready to have customized hats and headwear as promotional products? Send us a message by filling out our form and hitting submit. We’ll get back to you soon! You can also reach out for more details about our other services.

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Can I submit my own design? 

Yes! You can send them as images, PDFs, or document files. But you can also consult with us if you want some improvements or changes to the design.

How do you print my logo on the hats? 

For headwear made with fabric and similar materials, embroidery is a great option. Otherwise, printing with ink (and its many variations) is the default method.

How many hats can I have customized at a time? 

You could start with just one. But the more you have printed, the more savings you get!