Promote Your Business With a Construction Fence Wrap 

A fence wrap banner provides your construction business with numerous benefits. From advertising your business to ensuring you stay in compliance with local rules and regulations, high-quality fence wraps are essential. They're a cost-effective marketing tool that can be customized to your specifications. 

At Boingo Graphics, we create eye-catching designs on premium materials. We offer a wide range of products and services to construction companies in Charlotte, NC

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Comprehensive Job Site Signage Tailored to Your Brand

There are a few different types of signs you can select when creating fence wraps for your job site. Our fence banners can get customized to include your company's logo. 

An experienced fence wrap company can help you plan and place your design on your job site. Our team will also work with you to decide where the signs will have the most impact. 

General Signs 

Label specific areas of the job site so your employees and visitors can find where they need to be. You can install fence banners that point people in the direction of break areas, supply stations, and more. 

General fence wraps help your job site run more smoothly. A well-made fence wrap won't fade as a hand-made sign would. 

Safety Signs

Communicate safety information around your job site. These signs can show where to find emergency equipment and areas of potential danger. 

OSHA requires safety signs on job sites and these signs need to conform to their guidelines. Wording, colors, and additional information needs to adhere to OSHA's requirements. 

Branded Signs 

Showcase what job you're working on and what the final product will look like. These types of signs are key for attracting new clients. 

Your company's branded signs should reflect your business. Our designs look professional while reflecting your current branding. 


How Much Do Fence Wraps Cost?

The cost of fence wraps depends on various factors. These factors include size and quantity. We're happy to provide you with a free quote. 

Why Choose Boingo Graphics

At Boingo Graphics, we understand how important timelines are to your business. That's why we deliver 99% of all of our projects accurately and on time. You'll get partnered with a dedicated account manager that'll keep you updated every step of the way. 

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