One of the best ways to welcome new hires to your company is through an onboarding kit for new employees. This lets them know you care about them while also showcasing the values you have as a company. It can also be a way to introduce them to the company’s mission and beliefs. It’s a great motivational start and one that can help you stand out from past experiences.

Boingo Graphics helps in designing and creating your new employee welcome pack. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Creating the Right First Impression

A welcome kit for new hires is good on its own, but it also presents an opportunity to create a positive first impression. You want to make the packaging memorable, and attention to detail also helps bring positive expectations of your company. As one of the most trusted design companies, we can create a customized welcome kit that stands out.

Showcase your uniqueness with our help, from the box itself to the inserts inside. Our team understands modern design styles, trends, and the best practices for custom designs. We’ll help you every step of the way.

A Variety of Options

An advantage of the employee welcome kit is that there are many approaches you can take. You have the freedom to pick and choose what to include in the box — some companies like to place snacks, branded items, shirts, and more.

One of the ways you can showcase your mindfulness is to create a new employee package using sustainable materials. You can do it through the box, the items inside, and the inserts. With our help, you’ll understand the cost of each and will be able to control your budget. We’ll then deliver the boxes to you during the agreed date when they will be ready for the giveaway.

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The Advantages of an Employee Welcome Kit

There are many ways an employee welcome kit can benefit your company. Here are some of the reasons why many companies use them:

  • It gives employees a sense of belonging from the start. It helps them stay united and gives out a genuineness from the company.
  • Branded items in your box can lead to more visibility to the organization. You can steadily improve awareness of your brand through welcome kits.
  • People will share welcome kits on social media. This will bring about more positive opinions for your company. It will also introduce your brand to different audiences.

Create Your Ideal Employee Welcome Kit with Boingo

Employees today want to feel they’re valued and that the company cares for them. This improves employee retention and brings positivity from the first day of work.

From office supplies and handbooks to welcome letters, Boingo Graphics can help with the design of your new employee package. Create personalized messages, branded items, and other custom gear with our help. We have partnered with companies around the world, helping them find the perfect combination for their welcome kit. You can find yours today by contacting us and consulting with our experts.

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