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Digital Asset Management

Struggling to manage your logos, brochures, images, videos, newsletters or other pieces of digital content? Want an easier way to organize and locate your digital assets to better be able to use them in the future? Let us help you with our Digital Asset Management software. Think of it as an enhanced, centralized digital media library where you can securely manage, organize, locate and distribute your digital assets.

Screenshots of digital asset management software by Boingo GraphicsWith TotalVue Digital Asset Management (DAM), you’ll be able to take control of your assets in a flexible platform designed to scale to your needs. Whether you are managing raw artwork files, photography, finished collateral or sales/training support materials, TotalVue DAM can help.

Here are a few things our platform can do for you:

  • Easy, customizable organization of your assets
  • Quick and easy meta-tagging and file conversion
  • Shopping cart style ordering system, making it easy to order exactly what you need
  • Download options to match your material needs
  • Easily accessible download history to repeat orders
  • Reporting to help see exactly what it is that you need in the future

Organizing is easy with our system. It’s just like creating folders on your computer. You can design whatever structure works the best for you and your organization. Not only can you design your own structure, but you can also apply meta-tags to each asset to easily search for those assets in the future. And when you’re ready to go, TotalVue makes it easy. Just add the files you want to your “shopping cart” in the format and size you want and “place the order.” From there, TotalVue will handle the conversion of the asset if needed and allow users to download an entire zip file of their “order” or you just the file that you need right then and there. Better yet, you can always review your history to download previous orders or locate the files you want. And with reporting tools, you’ll be able to track frequency of downloads, most requested format and recently uploaded files.

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