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Streamline the Print Ordering Process and Enjoy Brand Consistency and Customization with Print on Demand

As your company grows, your print marketing needs become more complex. If you’re managing multiple locations, you’ve probably experienced inconsistent quality from multiple vendors. You need a service that streamlines the process for you and maintains your brand integrity across multiple channels, in turn saving you valuable time and resources. Boingo Graphics offers a best-in-class solution for online ordering marketing collateral and promotional products through our fully customizable Distributed Print Marketing Portals powered with print on demand.

Our enterprise architecture offers the widest breadth of web-to-print solutions available to marketers, and it supports both national and global organizations. Every Distributed Print Marketing Portal is built on a composition engine that offers the most powerful customization capabilities of any system available today.

Our solution is unique: It is designed with flexibility in mind. It’s a highly regarded published API built to include multiple modules, customization options and licensing models to ensure you will enjoy a fully scalable solution

Discover the Benefits of a Boingo Distributed Print Marketing Portal and Print on Demand

When you partner with Boingo, you will receive extensive customization combined with the most exacting brand management. Other benefits include:

  • Keep brand consistency in one centralized location

    • Digital marketing asset management that’s virtually unlimited for any document or product

  • Connect directly into different software to generate print material

    • APIs for seamless integrations for painless adoption

    • Ease of use, streamlines process, saves time

    • Takes extra steps out – exporting/importing

    • Field mapping done automatically

  • Scalable architecture for the enterprise

    • All functionality in place to support growing and large organizations

  • Role-based marketing request management

    • Checks and balances

    • Helps budget control

    • Approval workflows

  • Real-time marketing collateral previews

    • No need for back and forth emails – preview and approve marketing collateral before printing

Utilize Technology to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Our platform enables businesses and organizations to accelerate efficiency and reduce costs. You will automate, monitor and measure your distributed marketing initiatives all in one place. Using our platform, you will centralize your entire organization’s content, allowing for customization and streamlined distribution.

Access the Marketing Portal 24/7

Online ordering of printed collateral provides up-to-date marketing materials the moment you need them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the corporate or branch office, working from home or in an airport lounge. You will enjoy secure access to our web portal 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Experience Complete Brand Management

A customized Distributed Print Marketing Portal is branded specifically for you, so your users will manage access to align with your company’s requirements and practices. The online workflow is completely flexible and will be modified for different user groups.

At the heart of our solution is an award-winning technology that personalizes, customizes and localizes print procurement. We create “smart” templates and define static and customizable content – all within the corporation’s design and brand standards.

Enjoy Powerful Customization with Control

We will populate your secure marketing portal with print materials, fulfillment items and virtually any other product or document. With Boingo’s template-based content management, you blend creativity and control for a perfectly streamlined solution. Critical branding elements are secured within a template, while online users will modify other elements to their preferences using your overall design guidelines.

Gain a Valuable Partner

Our team includes a dedicated Boingo Technology Implementation Group that includes a specialist in user interface technology, project management and implementation. In addition, our software partners include industry experts who have launched over 500 marketing platforms over the last 15 years.


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