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Leverage your marketing automation platform to create high value print.

Marketing automation with BoingoLink compliments each step in your marketing and sales strategy. With this service Boingo Graphics is committed to guiding you through the process of delivering your marketing campaign from planning through execution while ensuring your requirements are met for quality, schedule and cost.

Why BoingoLink?

  • Increase marketing velocity and accelerate your sales cycle. Identify where your customers are in their buyer's journey and BoingoLink will provide you the tool to push the deal forward.

  • Increase predictable lead generation. Inbound, Outbound and Account Based Marketing (ABM) Solutions all benefit by injecting printed collateral as a sequential step of your campaigns.  

  • Energize your sales team. Provide your sales team with an automated tool that lands their message onto their prospects desk.

  • Open a new communication channel.  Cut through the digital marketing clutter by approaching high value prospects with a timely personalized message.

  • Print closes deals! Prospects are buried in email every day - Important messages are worthy of print.



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