Integraphx Changes Its Name to Boingo Graphics

Boingo Graphics, a commercial printing company formerly known as Integraphx, has been awarded the print and fulfillment contract for online photo product retailer Framous. Framous is one of a select few companies built around the Facebook social grid and leverages the photos stored on an individual's Facebook account to create customized collages that are printed and assembled with designer quality picture frames.

Boingo Graphics will be responsible for receiving the images from Framous, printing the photos, assembling the photos into the picture frame and final distribution of the picture frame to the customer.

"We are very excited about our partnership with the people at Framous," says Boingo Graphics president Scott Nowokunski. "Boingo Graphics' continued focus on technology based solutions allowed us to win this contract. Framous has the people, technology and business model in place to be a major player in the market. Boingo Graphics is thankful for the opportunity."

Framous was launched on Jan. 1, 2012. Sales figures for Framous are unavailable although Nowokunski hints customer demand has generated another major shipment of frames due to arrive in the coming weeks.

"Framous did it right," says Nowokunski. "By allowing customers to post Framous photo collages on Facebook they created a viral marketing component that has really helped to spread the word."

About Boingo Graphics: Boingo Graphics is a 33-year-old commercial printing company based in Charlotte, NC. It specializes in creating technology based print solutions through custom built web portals. Output modes include commercial offset printing, digital printing and wide-format graphics.

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