Mailing Services

Once completed, your printing makes a smooth transition inside our Charlotte printing facility to our mailing department. Clean. Efficient. Under one roof. Out the door. For you, that is one less worry.

Clean, deliverable addresses and postage discounts are what you realize when we take control of your mailings. We stay abreast of the latest rules and regulations affecting your mailings so you don't have to. Whether you're implementing an envelope and letter mail merge, planning a direct mail postcard, or heading up a promotional campaign with an odd-sized mailer, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in getting your message out to the world.

In addition, we use the most reliable international and national carriers so your packages arrive on time and safely.

Boingo Graphics is the all-in-one source for hassle-free mailing. As you plan your next direct mail project don't forget Boingo Graphics can offer pre-service consulting, mail options analysis and post-mailing service.

Here are a few services we offer to assure a successful mailing:

  • Ensure your piece is "design compliant" with USPS
  • List acquisition
  • PURL campaign implementation
  • Customer modeling
  • Run a "class/rate analysis" for rate savings options on first or standard (bulk rate) class mailings
  • Conduct a "mail list analysis" for C.A.S.S. certification
  • Provide a detailed and streamlined quote
  • Presort, bar code, package, tray or sack and deliver to post office
  • Complete all the post office paperwork

Make your next mailing project the easiest one you ever did. Call your Boingo Graphics representative and let us coordinate all of the elements for hassle-free results - your next direct mail project will thank you.