1979: Founded as Kopy Korners by current Chairman, Ed Nowokunski. First location was in the basement of the Parkview Building – 5821 Park Rd. Equipment included one high volume black and white copier and a color copier that frequently caught on fire.

1980: Grew to eight locations throughout the city of Charlotte.

Became famous for our slogan – "On-time or it’s free!" Quickly realized the customers didn’t want it free – they wanted it on time. This is the core of our current system delivering over 98.4% of all projects on-time and accurately.

Our next slogan "A kiss with every order!" frequently led to disappointed customers when they realized it was a Hershey’s Kiss.

1990: Changed our name to The Printing Office to better reflect the services we offered.

1993: Consolidated from eight locations into one major production facility. The company had evolved from walk-in retail locations to the current system of servicing corporate accounts via dedicated account managers.

Black and white documentation quickly became our competitive niche. Our ability to service our own equipment allowed us to build the infrastructure to produce 1 Million Copies a day.

1997: Continuing our trend as a market leader, The Printing Office was the first printing company in the Charlotte market to enter the Dot Com era with the introduction of IBOP (Internet Business Ordering Process) – our internet ordering system. Integraphx continues as the leader in web-to-print technology which now includes Store House – our fulfillment offering - and personalized URL’s (PURL’s) for integrating direct mail with the web.

2003: First in the Charlotte market to enter the high end digital color market with the purchase of the HP-3050.

2004: Entered the witness relocation program – changed our name to Integraphx and moved into a new 24,000 sq. ft. building on the same day.

As we started offering more sophisticated solutions to our customers, we were looking for a name to allow for growth into areas beyond ink on paper. In a bit of genius, our office manager, Hal Roth, piped up with the name Integraphx – Integrated Graphic Communications.

Ed Nowokunski is voted Printer of the Year by his national peers at Print Image International.

2006: March 2006 – Acquired AGI Digital Imaging from AGI founder David Crook, allowing Integraphx to enter the Wide Format and Trade Show Graphics market.

October 2006 – Acquired Walker Printing, one of Charlotte’s most respected commercial printers, to strengthen our presence in Charlotte’s commercial printing market.

2007: May 2007 – Gave birth to Beanstalk Data, a happy and healthy marketing automation platform. Beanstalk Data helps our clients implement sophisticated marketing campaigns using direct mail, email, text and landing pages.

September 2007 – Acquired Paragon Press and the employees involved with Paragon winning 17 Best of Category awards at the 2006 PICA Awards.

2011: September 2011Integraphx becomes Boingo Graphics. As we became more successful our geographic range expanded and we were drawn into new markets around the country, it started to become obvious that we need a truly unique name to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Boingo Graphics was chosen as a name to reflect the passion, energy, and creativity that is a vital part of what we do. Much like the color orange used in our logo, we feel Boingo Graphics creates a visual image of the curiosity and exploration of new things that runs through our building.

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