Case Study

How Boingo Graphics uses a web portal to give VELUX America a marketing advantage.


VELUX is an international manufacturer of roof windows and skylights, providing daylight and fresh air to people worldwide for over 60 years. VELUX America, established in 1975, is charged with marketing and selling VELUX products throughout the US.

To further support the marketing efforts of VELUX Certified installers, VELUX America created the Skylight Specialist program. The program was developed by VELUX as an opportunity to partner with installers and help provide the end user with the best experience possible, from product to service.

One of the many benefits provided to the participants of the Skylight Specialist program is access to quality marketing collateral, including postcards, newspaper and magazine ads, door hangers, and yard signs.


The Skylight Specialist program is made up of independent installers spread throughout the United States. VELUX had a two-fold goal:

  1. To empower the Skylight Specialists by giving them the freedom to personalize a variety of marketing pieces.
  2. To preserve and maintain the internationally recognized VELUX brand identity.


Boingo Graphics created a web portal branded to VELUX standards. The web portal allows the Certified Skylight Specialists to customize VELUX marketing collateral with their own logos and to choose appropriate text and/or images that suit each individual business. Once an order is placed for the customized items, Boingo Graphics produces them according to specification and drop ships them directly to the installer. Each transaction is paid by either co-op dollars, provided by VELUX, or via the Skylight Specialist’s credit card.

Another exciting tool on the web portal gives an installer the ability to upload a database and create a unique direct mail campaign. Post cards, complete with variable data, are printed and mailed from Boingo Graphics’ facilities directly to the targeted prospects.

VELUX Skylight Specialists are equipped with an arsenal of slick, custom marketing materials that can be accessed on-line from any place at any time.

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