Case Study

How Boingo Graphics – A Really Cool Printing Company Used Beanstalk Data To Strategically Position Just Fresh/Donato's Pizza


Just Fresh and Donato’s Pizza were opening new stores in McKee Farms shopping center located in Matthews, NC. The project goal was to drive consumer traffic to a Beanstalk Data web page branded for Just Fresh and Donato’s (i.e., and respectively, which would function in tandem with the direct mail pieces. Initially, Just Fresh and Donato’s used newspaper inserts but were disappointed with the lack of foot traffic and sales they generated. Boingo Graphics and Beanstalk Data were contracted to implement a direct mail program that would drive traffic to the coupon websites and drive additional traffic and sales to each store.


Direct mail campaigns often fall short in two ways: traditional direct mail first does not engage the consumer to interact with the client, and secondly does not provide a mechanism for tracking response. Boingo Graphics had to find a way to engage the consumer by offering a strong inducement to interact with the Beanstalk Data website, and identify interested consumers for future marketing efforts.


Boingo Graphics implemented an integrated direct marketing campaign centered on the and websites. Three unique direct mail pieces were designed and mailed every 2 weeks featuring different menu items. The cards also offered an opportunity for the recipient to download a high value coupon. To capture response rates a unique code was provided on each postcard distributed within a 2.7 mile radius of the new stores, including some 14,000 households. These direct mail pieces drove consumers to the websites, where they were instructed to enter their unique code and Email address in order to receive their coupons. Using proprietary Beanstalk Data software, they were then able to cross-reference contact data and match it with each recipient’s unique code. Once that information was gathered, the customer was able to print out a coupon and bring it into the stores. Using the contact information, Beanstalk Data provided Just Fresh and Donato’s with response analytics used to implement a regular email blast to the direct mail responders at a much reduced cost of additional postcard mailings.


Beanstalk Data was able to provide specific data to Just Fresh and Donato’s Pizza. Among those metrics:

  • 14,000 total prospects reached
  • 1165 unique responses to direct mail campaign
  • 1352 coupons printed from and
  • 8.32% of mailed prospects responded by going to the website
  • 1220 unique email addresses captured for future E-marketing
  • 449 total opens, with 257 unique opens

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